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Anna Sturgeon

Anna Sturgeon, b.1998, is a Fine Art Photographer who graduated from her BA in Photography at Falmouth University in 2021. Taking influence from philosophical schools of thoughts her works are conceptually driven and are often concerned with the questioning of ‘the real’, both of the photographic medium and the world itself in postmodern society. Anna employs an incongruous and disruptive style to create alternative realities that are devoid of time and space. Her juxtaposing of images and continual editing and rearranging of works aims to project the transient nature of experience and display the photographic medium as one that is not fixed, but constantly in flux.

Her most recent body of work, ‘Lost in Translation’, explores broken connections and the process of relearning through the experiences of her late grandfather, who experienced a loss of function as a result of a Stroke. On a wider level, the work uses this narrative to question the ability of the photograph to fictionalise and distort the world around, displaying a reality that is split between evidence and imagination.

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