About the artist

Mengqi He is a Chinese performance artist specialising in Chinese calligraphy, with degrees from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Central Saint Martins. Her artistic projects involve calligraphy art installations, interactive performances and bespoke calligraphy work exploring possibilities through her audience’s memories and sensations. Her calligraphy work and performances have been featured at Helsinki International Festival (2015), Venice Its Liquid Contemporary (2017), 508 Gallery London (2018) and G&C gallery in Tunbridge Wells (2019). Mengqi’s arts focus on 禅 - zen and humans’ connections across culture through written words and languages. 


Project details

Each set contains 10 bookmarks all with unique limited edition calligraphy based upon the client’s inspiration, and signed on the back by Mengqi. Once the client orders a set, Mengqi requires them to send her something emotive that has meaning to them; it can be a poem, short story, a song, anything that connects with the client. Mengqi will take this as inspiration to create bespoke calligraphy across the set of bookmarks.



Price: £120 per set (10 bookmarks)


Materials: Chinese Ink, paper card and rice paper / bamboo paper



Please see bookmark samples and images below. 

If you have any questions email us at ancelgallery@gmail.com or if you'd like to place an order, please click here

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