Inês Coelho da Silva

Inês Coelho da Silva was born 1996 in Fiães, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. She is currently based in London.

Working on impermanence and intimacy through the exercise of manuality, she focuses on ordinary elements of everyday life (food, textiles and found objects) to construct intricate structures, delicate entanglements, and moments of proximity between body and matter. Inês has a particular interest in ‘invisible’ food elements: the ones we pay little to no attention, that we do not consider as individuals, but as formless groups that we do not eat outside the context of a meal, in isolation.


Elements such as rice, salt or pepper have their own, and very slow, ageing cadence, making them long-lasting ephemeral items. By their sense of everyday and reduced scale, they are often neglected from human contemplation in a parallelism to the way we normally look at everything around us: inattentively, carelessly, rapidly, without any patience for scrutiny. 

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