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Jared Boechler

Jared Boechler is a contemporary visual artist. He works and exhibits internationally, including New York, Asia, and Europe. He has recently been awarded working fellowships at Art Biotop, Japan, Serlachius Museum, Finland, and Sheen Center for Thought + Culture in New York, USA.

Boechler was also recently recognised at the Governor General History Awards for his work, presided over by the Honourable Governor General of Canada.

Boechler’s most significant exhibition to date paired custom-designed scents alongside the original oil paintings they inspired. The olfactory element attached to this body of work introduced a largely new method of working in the world of contemporary art; a process led by scent influence. Using traditional methods in sharp contemporary context, Boechler's work speaks to the state of the individual, challenging views of loneliness and isolation in the modern age with an often subtle execution, resulting in works depicting circumstances that are at once banal and dramatic.

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