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Mariusz Wolny

Mariusz Wolny is a visual artist of Polish origin, currently living and working in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Wolny graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from the Faculty of Sculpture and also holds a M.A. diploma in Underwater Archaeology from University of Nicolaus Copernicus Torun.

Originally an archaeologist and sculptor, Wolny, combined his critical perception of reality with a passion for the history of art, developing his own style of ‘koan’ works.

Wolny`s evolving style introduces constant changes to his creation and thus affects freshness and continuous artistic development.
The use of ready-made objects, sculptures or waste in an alternative context allows him to force recipients to think, often also over themselves.

By using seemingly random relationships between objects, symbols or space to tell stories, he is exploring the dark corners of everyday life often in a sarcastic way.

Wolny works in fields of installation, sculpture, public art, photography, drawing, experimental music/video and art intervention in the public space.

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