Melissa Hartley

Melissa Hartley is a London based British artist/muralist focusing on 2D image making, graduating in 2019 with a BA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. She works primarily with paint, while initially interpreting her surroundings with the use of photography. She has always believed that painting is much more beautiful and sublime than a photograph could ever be. Melissa paints to portray emotions through a visual sense, typically using colour as a means to control the energy and direct the eye. She distils geometric abstraction that explores the relationships between space, shape, colour and light. Whilst blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture, she describes her work as 'bold yet ethereal’.

Melissa’s work has been shortlisted for the ACS Studio Prize, 2019 and won The People’s Choice for the Hix Award, 2019. Exhibitions and auctions including: Art on a Postcard Auction, for International Women’s Day, London, 2020. The Crossover, The Auction Collective X Motley, London, 2019 and Vibrancy, Brownsword Hepworth, London, 2019.