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Prachi Gothi

Prachi Gothi is a London based painter producing energetic paintings exploring the coexistence of conflicting human emotions by capturing forms in a state of flux with a vibrant yet restrained colour palette.


Born and raised in Mumbai, Gothi completed her MA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art & Design, London in 2010.

She was invited to participate in the Arts For India auction at the Kensington Palace, London in 2010 and has recently won The Other Art Fair’s ‘New Futures Award’ presented by Saatchi Art in 2021.


While painting, Gothi takes recognisable and unrecognisable shapes out of their original context, leaving them to interact, vibrate, blend into other forms and layers to open a space for discovery in her quest for her true identity.


The colourful palette juxtaposed with a hint of sombre tones simultaneously highlight a sense of disconnection and intimacy. She primarily works with acrylic on canvas.

Through her works, Gothi attempts to make the viewer enter into and navigate through a unique space of transience that is the process of becoming something else.


She describes her process as organic, building up the painting in intense, dynamic short bursts as a reaction to the existing layers, forms and colours, which allows for the exploration of the space in-between.


Gothi’s work has featured in exhibitions and is in collections across India, UK, Europe, USA and Australia. 

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